Celebrity Home Appraisals

Mallinson Appraisers Inc. is one of Southern California’s oldest and most authoritative real estate appraisal firms, since 1979. We are expert in all residential areas and price ranges. Our specialization is celebrity home appraisals.

In 2010 we appraised more than half of all luxury estate home sales over $5 million in Beverly Hills and Malibu, California. That same year, we appraised the home at 18 Harbor Island, Newport Beach, which sold for $27 million and was one of the highest sales in the history of California.

“Celebrity lawyer” Mark Geragos is one of our regular clients, as are other entertainment industry managers and attorneys. As the California appraiser for Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management at 345 Park Avenue, New York, we have had the opportunity to meet and work with many of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities. We have provided residential appraisals for:

Mark Wahlberg:   Actor and Producer of “Boardwalk Empire”

Robert Downey, Jr:   Actor “Iron Man,” “Sherlock Holmes”

Jason Statham:   Actor “The Expendables,” “The Italian Job”

Shaun White:   Professional snowboarder and skateboarder. Two-time Olympic gold medalist.

Kieffer Sutherland:   Actor, Fox Series “24”

Justin Bieber:   Pop musician, Singer/Songwriter

Chris Brown:    Rap Singer/Songwriter

Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight, Jr:  Rap music record company executive

Mark Geragos:   Celebrity lawyer; TV commentator

Ted Dansen:   Emmy Award winning Actor “Cheers,” and ocean conservation activist

Pricilla Presley:   The former Mrs. Elvis Presley

Lisa Marie Presley:   Elvis Presley’s daughter

“Sting”:  AKA Gordon Sumner; English Singer/Songwriter

Max Weinberg:  Drummer for Bruce Springsteen’s Band and “Conan O’Brien Show”

Lionel Ritchie:   Singer/Songwriter, musician, record producer, actor

Lindsey Buckingham:  Member of musical group “Fleetwood Mac”

Chris Cornell:   Rock musician and Singer/Songwriter

Reggie Bush:   Super Bowl XLIV Champion, New Orleans Saints 2010

Jerry Rice:   Football legend. Three-time Super Bowl Champion, San Francisco 49ers

Troy Polamalu:   Super Bowl XL and XLIII Champion, Pittsburg Steelers

Ray Mancini:   Boxing Lightweight Champion of the World from 1982-1984

Petr Sykora:  Professional NHL ice hockey super star

Chris Kayman:  Current member of Los Angeles Lakers basketball team

George Maloof:  Owner of Sacramento Kings NBA basketball team

Sasha Cohen:  2006 Olympic Silver Medalist Figure Skater

Sean Astin:   Actor, “Lord of the Rings Trilogy”

Chelsea Handler:   Late-night talk show host of “Chelsea Lately”

Sam Rubin:   KTLA Channel 5 News Entertainment Reporter

Mary Steambergen:   Actress and Academy Award winner

Mike Fleiss:   Creator, producer, and writer of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”

George Lopez:   Comedian, Actor, and Talk Show Host

Brad Garrett:   Actor TV sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Christopher Nolan:   Director, producer “The Dark Knight Trilogy”

Bill Phillips:   Author of fitness book, “Body for Life”

Bobby Greich:   Six-time major league baseball All-Star with California Angeles

Lance Alworth:   Super Bowl VI Champion with Dallas Cowboys

Mike Gallego:   1989 World Series Championship with Oakland A’s