Appraisal Services

Estate & Trust Planning, Executor Services, and Probate Settlements

We have a successful program for Estate & Trust Planning and Executor Services.

This system is ideal for executors, estate beneficiaries, and caregivers, as they deal with the future disposition of property. Updates that are date-of-death appraisals must be written and, of necessity, be able to stand up to cross examination in court. An executor, who already has an updated accurate appraisal on file, will have an easier job of settling the estate promptly with less “red tape” involved.

Accountants, executors, and attorneys require the highest possible quality appraisals for the disposition of  assets, under a will or in probate. These appraisals must undergo the scrutiny of the Internal Revenue Service, as well as the California Franchise Tax Board. “The House Referee” delivers reports that will fully support your tax claims, under the most critical of examinations.

Inter-Family Inheritance Disputes and Peaceful Divorce Settlements

For thousands of years, families have been torn apart by disputes over property. Luke: 12:13 Someone in the crowd said to him, “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the family inheritance with me.”

Many times when siblings inherit property or a couple files for divorce, each party involved selects an appraiser. It is not uncommon for the beneficiary siblings or the estranged husband and wife, to dispute the home value as being biased, because they did not choose the appraiser. An objective third party, such as an attorney, counselor, or accountant can suggest that the parties involved agree on a neutral, unbiased referee to establish the value of the property.  Ideally, the parties involved split the cost of the appraisal to help validate the impartial nature of the report. The alternative to mutual cooperation would be the stress and expense of a costly legal battle. Our goal is to communicate the true market value of a property, in order to help people find a “common ground” for agreement.

The great benefit of our service is that we tell the truth about a property and convey that truth in an amiable and compassionate way. At times, reports do not meet the expectations of everyone involved. We go the extra-mile to explain why the value is appropriate, in order to prevent anyone from harboring any resentment that would only delay the healing process of dispute resolution.